Coffe Machine and Camel in Action

Jonathan and I got published at the very end of last year when Manning announced that the Camel in Action book was available in print. As authors we are entitled to royalties of the sales of the book. Before you ask, we only get pocket changes compared to the amount of work we put into the book.

So what's the story with coffee then? Well as I have a home office I have to make my own coffee, as there is no fancy coffee machines around I can use. So for years I have been living off regular filtered, instant or stempel -coffee.

I made a promise to myself that I would buy a coffee machine when I get my royalty cheque. Well the cheque has arrived a month ago.

There is a lot of different types and brands of coffee machines. So I spend a while reading the web and watching you tube reviews of the machines. I also got advice from Johan Edstrom, who has a machine.

As I do not want to be my own barrista I was looking for a full automatic machine. At first I got my eyes on a machine from Gaggia, but recently spotted a new machine from Jura. I wanted a small machine as the daily use would be at my home office for a single person; our dog don't dring coffee, and my wife only drinks coffee in the weekends. The latest Jura ENA 9 Micro seemed like a great machine. It's small and compact, full automatic, and has a nosel to take in milk directly from the carton (or from a thermal bottle). So basically it's a one push button machine making coffee, expresso, cappuccino or latte.

So last wednesday I put in the order, and this morning the machine arrived at my doorstep.

My new coffee machine
The machine costs about 1300$, which would have been out of my normal price range. Well I could of course take the cash out of my regular pay cheque, but I wanted to stick to what was affordable from the royalties. That would also justify going for a higher priced model.

If I have to guess how many hours I have spend working on the book, then 1300 hours would be a good guess. So that's 1$ per hour. And that's before tax.

Just wanted to share this with the readers, so you know how I spend my royalties.

Thank you, the readers, for making my coffee a pleasure to drink from this day forward.


DeckerEgo said...

The Jura is a great machine... has taken a lot of punishment from me in the past. Enjoy!

Idiot Monkey Coder said...

My pleasure, as a coffee fiend I'm pleased that my buying your book contributed ;)