Upcoming webinar - Getting started developing with Apache Camel and Fuse IDE

I am giving a webinar next week on getting started developing with Apache Camel with Fuse IDE.

Date: December 15th
Speaker: Claus Ibsen
Time: 11:00AM EST

This webinar is a hands-on practical tutorial on how to get started integrating applications with Apache Camel using Fuse IDE.

The webinar begins with a brief overview of Apache Camel, and why it makes integration tasks much easier. We then quickly get practical and develop our first integration application using Camel and Fuse IDE. Slowly we progress and show how to implement integration solutions using, but not limited to, files, ftp, jms, web servies, csv, xml, objects.

We also work with a number of Enterprise Integration Patterns such as Content Based Router, Recipient List, Splitter, Aggregator, Message Translator, Service Gateway and Idempotent Consumer. This webinar also touches on how you can gain insight into running Camel applications, to better understand what's happening, using message tracing. All together this is a very practical webinar with fewer slides and more live code and development.

Accompanying this webinar we have an eBook with sample code to ensure that after the webinar, you have material to successfully get started integrating applications with your Apache Camel journey.

You can register here.

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Is this ebook available online?