Apache Camel - 2011 in Numbers

The last couple of years I did this blog post about numbers for 2010, and 2009, so I thought I should do it again this year.

Just to do a quick post on some of the numbers for the Apache Camel project in year 2011.

Number of releases in 2011: Camel 2.x = 12 releases (incl. 1 RC release).
Number of posts on Camel user forum in 2011: 8315 (+1393 over last year)
Number of commits in 2011: 4926 (+990 over last year)
Total number of tickets created at end of 2011: 4844
Number of tickets created in 2011: 1367 (where as 189 are still unresolved).
Number of tickets resolved in 2011: 1286
Number of committers doing commits in 2011: 26 (+8 over last year) (source: git shortlog --after 2010-12-31 --before 2012-01-01 -ns).

I am sure you can dig more numbers if you got the time to hunt them down.

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