FuseSource January Webinar - ActiveMQ with High Availabilty

I am possible a bit late to the game to post this blog, but I wanted to spread the word. FuseSource is having a webinars this month, actually tomorrow on the 19th.

First Scott Cranton is giving a webinar tomorrow about deploying ActiveMQ with High Availability.

Scott Cranton is presenting ActiveMQ with High Availability, and sharing his experience from the trenches, in the upcoming webinar.
This is a topic beyond the basic introduction levels. So great stuff for people there. And believe me Scott have seen this in real life with very large customer installations, such as world leading retailers.

Webinar Title
Deploying Apache ActiveMQ with High Availability

Date: January 19th, 2012
Speaker: Scott Cranton, Principal Solutions Engineer
Time: 11:00AM EST

Webinar Description
Learn how to use open source Apache ActiveMQ for reliable messaging in mission-critical applications where uptime is paramount. This webinar will focus on enterprise deployments where applications need to be available 24x7 without suffering an outage to the messaging system.

We will cover techniques for deploying ActiveMQ with high availability (HA), so your application will survive network outages, hard disk crashes or machine losses. Focus will be on configuring Master/Slave a Network of Brokers, and explaining what's happening within ActiveMQ. We will also look at using ActiveMQ in global organizations that span many different geographical locations. Finally, we will talk about how to configure ActiveMQ so that it can scale to support thousands of concurrent connections, queues and topics.

This webinar will include a live demo and Q & A session.

You can register for the webinar from this page.

FuseSource has previous held webinars in our archives. So feel free to take a look and watch any webinar at your leisure.

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