A rare book

Jonathan and I hear often from our readers of Camel in Action, that the book is great, that it helped them get up and riding the Camel, and so on.

Camel in Action - a rare book, and a rare book cover
The Camel in Action book has now been out there over a year. And over the time readers have been kind to post reviews of the book.

I just spotted the last review on Amazon, which I though was much inline what we have heard people say about the book. Let me just quote that review.
It isn't often that I give a technical book a 5 star rating. This is the exception because it is an exceptional book.

This book is fascinating reading and how often can you say that about a technical reference? As one goes through the material the author always seems to be at the place you need him to be at that moment. You don't get that "now waitaminit" feeling that other books can leave you with when they switch topics.

There are smooth context switches from how one uses the system to how one implements the details and then back up again. This makes it easy to follow and is one of the reasons it is actually fun to read. 

Boy, fun to read, is that ever an exceptional technical book.
If you have spotted it, the above image of the book cover is also rare. In fact it was the first draft of the cover, where the Camel is standing up. However Manning later decide to have the Camel sitting instead, which is the actual used cover. You can see the actual cover on the sidebar of my blog.

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jamie said...

I started reading the camel in action book last year and loved it so much that I took it on vacation while vacationing in Cuba.

Since then I have given the book to other people within my company. However, I do have some recommendations.

Some of the people who read the book didn't have Spring experience. This caused a lot of confusion as the book switches back and forth between Spring and Java DSL. Ideally if the book could provide examples in both spring and Java it might make reading a little easier.