Davs Claus is ready for CamelOne - 100$ discount code

So the 2nd annual CamelOne conference is just around the corner.

CamelOne 2012
And I am of course attending. Jonathan and I was asked to give this years key note on the first day, to give a briefing of the state of the Apache Camel project, with focus on the past, the present and the future. We are honored to follow the foot steps of last years key note speakers Gregor Hohpe and James Strachan.

James Strachan and Gregor Hohpe
Two persons whom has a huge reason why there is an Apache Camel project today.

We have their keynote session as videos from last year. I encourage you to view those, its nice to hear Gregor talk about how the EIP book came along, and some of his thoughts for a 2nd EIP book. Likewise James outlines the history from the early days when the core team from Apache ActiveMQ took form and how that evolved into new projects such as Apache ServiceMix, Apache Camel and lately Apache Karaf and Fuse Fabric. Also James gives his thoughts where Camel is heading for the future with the cloud and all that.

The CamelOne website contains the agenda, speaker list, location information, and other useful information.

We have a special discount on the ticket price, with thanks to Manning being a sponsor. You can get 100$ off the price, and get a e-book copy of the Camel in Action book. Use the promotion code: CamelAction

Christian Posta is going as well, and he wrote a blog entry why he is excited to go, and highlights some of the talks he is looking forward to attend.

So I am polishing the last minute details on our slides, and getting ready. As I play football in my spare time on a amateur/hobby level, I was challenge by my team mates, to wear a football shirt giving my talk.
Player number 74 - Davs Claus
Well lets see if that happens :)


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