Video tutorial - Super easy Camel

At the Apache Camel project we have an extensive link collection of various blogs, articles, presentations, conference videos, and what else related to Apache Camel. We have called this page Camel articles.

If you have any material to share, then you can reach out to the Camel community and ask to have a link added to your content.

This morning my twitter app highlighted a new tweet for a Apache Camel Video Tutorial from @jlbugarin.

Apache Camel video presentation by @jlbugarin
The video is about 3 minutes and is in Spanish, as far google translate could tell me from the link. What I noticed though is the translate to english said it was not only easy, but super easy:
In the following video tutorial, see how to copy files from a source folder, to a destination folder. The important thing is that you realize that it is super easy!
This is in fact our mission statement with Camel: Making integration easier.

Feliz viajando en el camello
( I hope the translation is correct, what I wanted to say is, happy riding the Camel)


AK said...

Not able to see the videos - all redirects to JBOSS home page!!

Claus Ibsen said...

This blog post is 2.5 years old. You may want to find newer videos. What link goes to jboss, I cannot find any link that does that. The link for that old video is this link: http://www.consultorjava.com/wp/2012/05/07/video-tutorial-apache-camel/