Camel in Action book outdated?

As you may know Jonathan and I got published about 1.5 years ago with the Camel in Action book.

And the book has been very well received within the community, and helped a lot of people getting onboard riding the Camel.

Jonathan and I have done our best to keep the material in the book as up to date to the lastest Camel release. In fact during the type setting period (that takes 4 months) we ensure that material was updated accordingly to new Apache Camel releases. So when the book went into production it was up to date with the Apache Camel 2.5.0 release from October 31st 2010.

Ever since the book was published we have been active on the Author Online forum to catch the minor mistakes and feedback you may have. The errata of the book is fully up to date. In fact the errata was updated as late of a couple of months ago.

Likewise the accompanying source code of the book has been kept up to date with the newer Camel releases, up till the lates official release 2.9.2 And this time we have prepared the source code for the upcoming Camel 2.10 release (currently expected to be GA next week).

Myself, as a reader of other books, this kind of service is rare. Most authors do not bother to even keep an errata, or make sure their source code actually works.

In fact we use the source code for the book as a test suite for the upcoming Apache Camel releases. In fact it was due to this source code we caught a regression in the 2.10 release, that we had to fix that and recut a new release candidate.

So with that in mind, its sad to see a reader post a bad review on Amazon (Click on image to read).
Our first 1-star review
For example the reader complains that he/she cannot find the Apache Camel 2.5.0 download. Well its due to Apache policy that older releases are not highlighted on the website, but available in the Apache Archives. If you click on the download link on the Camel website, we have a heading in the top saying "Older Releases". So its not hard to find.

You can download older Apache Camel releases


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that is said with such comments.

I think you have done an outstanding job with the book and the effort to keep the errata and the examples up to date.

In fact whenever I am in the Malmo/Copenhagen area I would really like to buy you some beer and discuss integration and Camel.

Best Regards
P Svensson

Gnanaguru said...

Claus Ibsen,

Anyhow reprint required for the new features. But still its a great book to learn and start camel from scratch.

Regards & Cheers

Claus Ibsen said...


Feel free to reach out to me, next time you are nearby. Everybody loves beers :)

Anonymous said...


I think it´s a great book and most of it is still relevant (and everything works, too). Maybe there is time for a second edition... In the meantime it would be great to have a high level view of what changed since release (I searched and found nothing).


Anonymous said...

Let me keep it short & simple:

The great book of both you 2 Gurus was the best way for me to get insight into the concepts of Apache Camel without which today I would have never been able to be an Apache Camel Committer.


Anonymous said...

That comment by the reviewer in Amazon is so silly and nonsensical. I bought this when it was in MEAP and everything I know about Camel, I learned from this book. I wrote a glowing review when the book came out. The book is still very relevant today and serves as an invaluable reference to me, along with the Camel website. I hope that you will update this edition at some point soon. Great work.

Srinivasa Reddy Challa said...

one of the best book i have seen in the recent times