CamelOne 2012 Videos Freely Available

The CamelOne conference took place last month, which I have previously blogged about.

As promised by FuseSource, who was hosting the conference, all the presentations was video taped. And now those videos have been processed and made freely available on the CamelOne website.

Jonathan and I had the pleasure of doing a light keynote of how we got involved with the Apache Camel project, and talking about how the project have evolved over the years, and has been become so successful.

Claus and Jonathan, giving the keynote at CamelOne 2012

Since returning home, I have enjoyed watching the videos of the presentations I didn't have the pleasure to attend.

For example the FAA presentation about the SWIM program is mind blowing. One of their integration challenge is as follows

FAA SWIM integration challenge #3
And the solution is using Apache Camel, and drills down to basically 4 lines of logic

Solution to integration challenge #3
And no wonder FAA loves Apache Camel, they say ...

Yeah Camel Rocks!!!
In the FAA presentation you will see a live demo of their real time weather tracking program called SWIM. It has a fantastic Google Earth interface, so you can see a map of USA, and then drill down to the various airports and see how the weather impacts the flights.

There is a lot of great content in all the videos. And I encourage you to take a look. For example Robin Howlett, shows us how to use Camel and AWS together, and does live coding etc.

And if you are curious what Fuse Fabric is, then I suggest to look at the presentation from Ioannis, who is the lead architect on the project. And Hiram unlocks the mystery of the Apache Apollo, and why its such a great leap forward for the next generations of message brokers. And if you think HTML5 apps is the future, then I suggest o watch the presentation from Charles where he talks about Camel, ActiveMQ, websocket and HTML5 apps.

If you are getting started with Apache Camel, then you may wanna watch my presentation. Its a very practical presentation with a lot of live coding, and showing how you can get started with Camel from scratch.
Claus presenting and doing live coding
And there is a lot more. See for yourself at the CamelOne website.

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gp said...

I was very much interested in watching CamelOne videos. But:

(a) The fact that I have to open an account to do so is quite annoying.

(b) The registration system at FuseSource is broken. It took couple of attempts to register. Then login failed. I tried resetting the password. I tried using the temp password to login. That failed as well.

Please fix it. Also, a simple registration system being not reliable is a bit unsettling to me.