Riding the Camel with a new hat

This morning I woke up to the news out in the public that Red Hat to Acquire FuseSource.  You can read the Acquisition FAQ to learn more what has happened.

This is really great news for the FuseSource team, to find a new home that has truly Open Source in its DNA. Our new home is the JBoss Middleware Team, which are no strangers to what we do. JBoss loves our work we do in the Apache communities and they have been using the Apache products for many years. For example Apache Camel is part of the JBoss products. 

For me personally this means I can continue to do what I love; with my devoted effort in the Camel communities and on the Apache Camel project itself.

My colleague Charles Moulliard, got creative this morning, and gave the Camel a new hat.
The Camel got a new hat. Photo by Charles Moulliard.

I guess its time for me to get a new hat as well. 
Photo of Claus, not wearing a Red Hat (yet)
And I gathered a list of some blogs posted about this news from fellow employees

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