Apache ActiveMQ 5.7.0 Released

Today the Apache ActiveMQ team announced the immediate release of Apache ActiveMQ 5.7.0.

In this release I had a more active role than I usually has. So its with great please to see a release come out.

Dejan has posted some highlights of the 5.7.0 release at his blog. Among others is the official support for Java 7, and inclusion of the latest Camel 2.10.x release.

I will continue to help work on ActiveMQ and take on some of the things we have learned over the years from Camel to ActiveMQ. For example I plan to work on enlisting all the threads pool that are in use in the JMX registry, so you can gain better runtime insights into the threading usages.
In the 5.7.0 release I helped improved the thread names to be consistent and start with ActiveMQ. This should help people to quicker identify threads by its name.

There is much more work planned for ActiveMQ 5.8.0, for example we would like to reduce the dependencies on activemq-core, and move code into new separate modules. This allows people to better slice and dice how they want their ActiveMQ deployments.

And I plan to take a look at the ActiveMQ JIRA tracker, there is some low-hanging fruits in there, as well some older tickets which needs a bit attention.

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christian posta said...

yes, good call on the thread naming!