Interview with me in Danish IT magazine

A month ago I was interviewed for the Danish IT magazine Prosabladet. Today the magazine is online.

Image from Prosa magazine December 2012.
Though non Danish readers can enjoy the photo above which my wife Christina took. Its from my home office, with our dog Bambi on the lap. Bambi is my trusty companion at work every day in the office.

The article is online in Prosa December 2012 magazine at page 30.

I would like to thank Dan Mygind for the interview. It was a pleasure to talk with him for 1.5 - 2 hours, despite the target was 30 minutes. Yeah I guess I like to talk :)

As part of the interview I was asked to pick a comedy from xkcd, and among the many great ones, I chose this one - the license plate.

(c) image from xkcd.com


Camel is back in Akka 2.1

When the Akka project was in its early days, Martin Krasser (@mrt1nz), developed what became the akka-camel module, to integrate these two marvelous projects.

Since then years has passed, and its great to see that the Akka community have stepped up and have more people leading the akka-camel module. So thanks to Raymond Roestenburg (co-author of Akka in Action) and Piotr Gabryanczyk (@piotrga) the akka-camel module is fully up to date, and top-notch ready for the Akka 2.1 release.

You can read more details from a recent blog post on let it crash.