Upcoming Apache Camel presentations in Malmo and Copenhagen

There is a couple of events coming up here in Malmo and Copenhagen which involves Apache Camel presentations.

Tomorrow I am presenting "Getting started with Apache Camel" at the Malmo JUG. The event opens at 17:00 pm, and my presentation starts at 17:35. Then we have a presentation about JavaScript and Android development, and followed on by talk on continues integration. Sounds like a great evening with a mix of great talks. And after that we go for beers. So its a great opportunity to learn and meet interesting people working in the industry.

The event is free, and there should be a few more seats available. You can register for the event and read more about the presentations here - http://www.javaforum.se/jf/?meeting=99

The event takes place at Foo Cafe which is not so far from the central station in Malmo.

JavaGruppen Denmark is planning an Apache Camel event on April 11th in Copenhagen. The planning is still in early stages and as I understand it's an after hour event where I will give a talk on Apache Camel, and then followed on by 1 or 2 talks from people who are using Apache Camel in their organization, and share their experience - both good and the bad.

I will be back when I have more details about the event in Copenhagen.


Today 6 years ago Apache Camel was created

On Monday, March 19th 2007, James Strachan did the first commit what became Apache Camel. The commit log entry is here.

James Strachan founded the Apache Camel project with this first commit 6 years ago
Even in the first commit, todays users of the latest Apache Camel releases, can see the structure of the route builder, and the API with the component, endpoint, exchange, producer, consumer et all.

You can take a look in this unit test from the first commit.

Though here is a teaser with the RouteBuilder from the first commit

RouteBuilder builder = new RouteBuilder() {
  public void configure() {

And the content based router was already included. Though today the headerEquals predicate has been slightly changes to header("foo").isEqualTo("bar") instead.

RouteBuilder builder = new RouteBuilder() {
  public void configure() {
      .when(headerEquals("foo", "bar")).to("seda://b")
      .when(headerEquals("foo", "cheese")).to("seda://c")

In summer 2007 Apache Camel 1.0 was released, and that was a very impressive first release, which I previously have blogged about.

Today 6 years later, we have done 13677 commits on trunk (37 different committers), accordingly to the Apache Camel git commit log (git log --oneline | wc -l).

... and yeah we are closing in on the anticipated Apache Camel 2.11 release (likely being GA in next month).