Introducing the new Apache Camel based iPaaS

I just got back from CamelOne 2013 which was the 3rd annual Camel conference.

At the conference, James Strachan, introduced the new open source Apache Camel based iPaaS at the ending keynote on the first day.

You can find more details from James blog where he put out this information with the slides and a cool 20 minute video demonstrating the iPaaS in action. Its all a single page HTML5 web console, using the awesome hawio project.

In the video you will also see cool stuff such as the new Camel visual debugger, where you can set breakpoints, and single step the message in the routes etc.

And we also reveal for the first time the new web UI for log analytics (insight search). So you easily search in the logs from all the containers, and correlate the log messages, and have all that visualized with timeline, graphs etc.

I guess a few screenshot is worth a 1000 words in this case.

Lets start with the new insight plugin in action ...

Fabric Insight in action - Live log analytics using Kibana web UI, to aggregate and visualize log from all your containers. Notice the Camel tab with first class Camel integration.

And the debugger in action ...

Camel debugger in action - Live debugging of Camel routes, set breakpoint, single step, see message details. And as well edit the message on the fly (to be added)

And we also got time to add a new Camel route creator / editor that is purely web based ...

Camel route designer - A full Camel editor in the web console with wizards, making it easier for casual Camel developers to use.
Though the video shows all this in action, and there is a funky theme song to go along. The selection of the song was done after careful consideration in the bar, after a long day at CamelOne ;)

To see the video I suggest to click this link to get to James blog, or use this link for the direct link to Vimeo where the video is hosted.

On James blog you will also find instructions how to run this from the source code and try this on your own.
Fuse Fabric and hawtio are both 100% open source projects, with the ASL 2.0 license, and their source code hosted on github. We love contributions and collaboration. So feel free to fork and send pull requests. And if you send too many, then you can become a member of these projects, and commit directly ;)

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