See you soon at CamelOne 2013

So CamelOne 2013 is starting on sunday evening with a reception with drinks and beers. What a great way to start. You can find details when and where at the agenda from the website. So make sure to attend on sunday evening if you can.

The conference then follows on monday and tuesday. The full agenda is up on the website at

This is the 3rd annual CamelOne conference, which is focused on the Apache integration projects such as Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, Karaf and CXF. The speakers at the conference includes the founders of these projects, leaders, committers, long term end users, book authors, and as well end users who are using these projects in their companies.

We have a mix of speakers who are the people who hack on the projects all day long, and as well people who have used these projects in large projects at their companies. So you get information from both sides of the fence.

Rob Davies have blogged about what to look forward to at the conference. And as well giving a teaser for his talk about connecting applications everywhere with ActiveMQ.

Christian Posta who has dived deep into the internal of ActiveMQ is giving a talk about ... well the internals of ActiveMQ.

I will give a getting started with Apache Camel presentation, which is aimed for beginners or new users of Camel. And on the 2nd day I give a rundown of the common Camel components, and as well how to build your custom components. Both my talks is a mix with slides and practical live coding sessions.

I am much looking forward to James Strachan's ending keynote on the first day about using the hawtio web console with Apache Camel. There is gonna be some cool stuff revealed for the first time :)

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