Video presentation - Connecting Applications Everywhere with ActiveMQ

This morning while having my morning coffee I watched this video presentation on my iPad.

Connecting Applications Everywhere with ActiveMQ / JBoss A-MQ
Its a 45 minute presentation by Rob Davies, whom is also working in the JBoss Fuse team. In Rob's talk he gives a run down of ActiveMQ and JBoss A-MQ, and how its multi protocol support enables the internet of things, and connecting anything together. In the last 10-15 minutes of the talk, Rob dives a live demo (see screenshot), where he is using a micro controller to capture the sound and send the data over wifi to his laptop using MQTT and then bridging over AMPQ, and then eventually to a HTML5 client using web-socket. 

A really good presentation and demo. It was a great start of my day watching this presentation.
If you notice from the demo then Rob uses the Apache ActiveMQ 5.8.0 release out of the box. 

The video is available from dzone and you can watch it without registration or any kind of hazzle.

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