Happy Birthday hawtio - 1 year old today

Today its exactly 1 year ago hawtio came to live, when its creator James Strachan pushed the first commit to its home at github.
commit 3d46cb025e80feeec0b32bbe1898848235a8d6d7
Author: James Strachan
Date:   Tue Nov 20 22:30:13 2012 -0800
    Initial commit
hawtio was created 1 year ago, and its flaming logo is maybe inspiration for its hot name?

So 1 year after the first commit, we have 3014 commits at this time of writing, by 23 contributors, and there has been 29 release. Well we have gone a bit mad with milestone releases for the 1.2 release, where the last is 1.2-M27.

The project wouldn't be so awesome today if it was not for all the contributors besides James Strachan itself. For example Stan Lewis is the CSS/HTML5 ninja that can make the UI look good and actually work in our browsers. Andreas Gies and David Bosschaert loves OSGi so they contributed and improved the OSGi and Karaf plugins. And with the help of the other 20 or so contributors, we have today more than 25 plugins out of the box.

We also likely have one of the most creative tagline for the project, as you can see from the hawio front page.

Don't cha wish your console was hawt like me? I'm hawt so you can stay cool

What's up with the upcoming 1.2 release?

The hawtio team is busy working on the upcoming 1.2 release. A lot has happenedFor e since the 1.1 release from April 2013. We are almost there, and a new release is expected out later this year.

I am currently working on improving the plugin documentation which is available both online from the hawtio itself, by clicking the ? button on your top right corner, and as well from the plugins page. You can see each plugin's documentation by clicking on the plugin name. The documentation on the website is the same documentation as in the online help.

Having better plugin documentation helps new users better understand how to use the plugins, and also allows new users to read about the plugins at the website. For example the Camel plugin has a lot of great eye candy showing its debugger, profiler and whatnot in action.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday hawtio - you are an amazing project, giving live to so many projects

James scored a hattrick, creating all of these amazing open source projects

... all projects are ASL2 licensed ;)

Trying hawtio

If you want to try hawtio in action yourself, then its easy, just follow our getting started guide.


Developer of the week - DZone Interview with me published

I was recently contacted by DZone for a little interview to appear on their developer of the week.

So today my interview was published at http://java.dzone.com/articles/dev-week-claus-ibsen.

Developer of the week interview of me at DZone published this week
Just wanted to post this blog, so I remember when it happened and have a link to the interview.

PS: If you notice, then I had to cut the image above in 2 pieces, to cutout an advert from a dubious company that is in the 'donkey' business.