Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook

Today I received my reviewer copy of the new Apache Camel Developer's Cookbook book which was recently published, and authored by Scott Cranton and Jakub Korab who are long term Camel riders

Fantastic book with over 100 recipes how to do stuff with Apache Camel
The book has a great looking Camel on the cover; Though we cannot see if the Camel has one or two humphs. But more importantly the book has over 400 pages, and more than 100 recipes how to do stuff with Camel. So its packed with great information and ready to use examples provided as unit tests in the accompanying source code. It's certainly a cookbook worth purchasing to be a great Camel rider.

To learn more about this book and what it covers I encourage you to read from the mouth itself by reading the announcement from Jakub on his blog.

Congratulations to Scott and Jakub for being published. 

Remember to buy a round of beers from the money you receive from your first batch of royalties ;)

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Yes Ibsen it is a good book with simple english. Today i got the book and i read few sentences, it is very easy to understand and good examples.