Back from Barcelona

Last week I presented Apache Camel, and we had also a workshop in Barcelona, hosted by the BarcelonaJUG.

This morning I am back in my office, and thought I wanted to post a follow up blog, including some photos of the event.

On the first day I gave a long presentation about Apache Camel, in a 90 minutes session.

After the presentation some of us went out for dinner, in a nice Spanish tappas restaurant, where we enjoyed the local cuisine.

On the left (front to back): Ignacio, Esteve, Adela
On the right (front to back): Jonathan, Claus, Yeradis.

Thanks to the BarcelonaJUG organizers for hosting a great event, and taking good care of their speakers.

On saturday we had a 4 hour workshop, where people bring their own laptop, and then we start riding the Camel, and make sure everyone get onboard. I must say the workshop really pays off, and I think this is something to consider doing more often.

It was not only Camel we learned about in the workshop. We also installed hawtio in the Tomcat that we have been using as container. It was great to see that everybody could easily install hawtio by just dropping the .war into webapps. And that people could then have fun with hawtio and try out its other plugins as well.

There was much interest in hawtio and we may in the future have another event focusing more on hawtio and also how you can customize/skin it, and as well how to build custom plugins, and what not.

At the end of the workshop we had about 20 minutes, and the audience was given a choice between doing some more Camel coding, or seeing a live demonstration of fabric8. To learn more about fabric8 then I suggest to check out some of the videos James Strachan has done recently.

I have upload my slides from the presentation to slideshare here. The slides for the workshop will follow up soon - just need to polish a few pages, and prepare some of the source code.

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