Apache Camel 2.14 on the way

This is just a little blog update to say that we are working on the final touches for the next release of Apache Camel which is version 2.14.

We have a discussion thread on the Apache Camel mailing list where you can provide feedback and follow the process.

There is a lot of great stuff in this release which I frankly need to blog about when I get a chance and spirt to write.

After getting some bug fixes into the Camel codebase today I plan to work on finishing the codehale metrics UI in hawtio. This allows Camel end users to easily add additional metrics about their route performances, using the metrics from codehale. We then use a metrics javascript ui, which we then integrate in hawtio, which makes it possible to render live charting which is shown in a screenshot below:

Camel routes using codehale metrics statistics, rendered in real time
Another great new functionality in Camel 2.14, is the new DSL for rest services, though that warrants a blog entry by itself. And we also integrated with Swagger, so these REST services can provide an API out of the box.

The Apache Camel 2.14 release is expected out in September 2014. We will try to see if we are ready next week to start cutting the release.

If you have anything you want included or fixed then its time now to speak up.


Developer Interview with me about Apache Camel

Today I had a nice talk with Markus Eisele whom run a series of developer interviews. I was lined up today.

The main topic was of course Apache Camel which is my primary area of interest and work for the last 6 years or so. But we do have a bit of time to talk a little about other cool projects such as hawtio, jolokia, vertx and whatnot. I also talked about my background and how I discovered and got involved with the Apache Camel project about 6,5 - 7 years ago.

As I talked a bit too much then the video is about 35 minutes, so it requires 2 cup of coffee to watch it end to end. But half way through I share my deskop and do some demoing. I have to talk Bilgin Ibryam for creating his lovely Camel Olympics demo, which I used as the 2nd demo.

You can find Markus blog here, to keep an eye on his developer interview series, and also find the past recordings.