Developer Interview with me about Apache Camel

Today I had a nice talk with Markus Eisele whom run a series of developer interviews. I was lined up today.

The main topic was of course Apache Camel which is my primary area of interest and work for the last 6 years or so. But we do have a bit of time to talk a little about other cool projects such as hawtio, jolokia, vertx and whatnot. I also talked about my background and how I discovered and got involved with the Apache Camel project about 6,5 - 7 years ago.

As I talked a bit too much then the video is about 35 minutes, so it requires 2 cup of coffee to watch it end to end. But half way through I share my deskop and do some demoing. I have to talk Bilgin Ibryam for creating his lovely Camel Olympics demo, which I used as the 2nd demo.

You can find Markus blog here, to keep an eye on his developer interview series, and also find the past recordings.

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