Some great Hawtio videos by Robin Huiser

Recently Robin Huiser recorded three videos of demonstrating hawtio in action. I just wanted to help spread the word of his videos, as I enjoyed watching them.

hawtio videos by Robin Huiser

hawtio is a true agnostic web console that supports anything running in a Java JVM. Robin uses Talend ESB as his container for hosting Camel applications. You can of course run Camel anywhere as well, so you can also use Apache Karaf / ServiceMix / JBoss Fuse / Wildfly or any other platform of choice, and hawtio "just works".

The three videos is about 10 minutes give or take, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy.

Links to the videos on youtube.

Have a great new years even and see you in 2015 for a great year of Camel and hawtio. There is a ton of new stuff coming in Camel 2.15 that makes hawtio and Camel even more awesome.