Apache Camel Eclipse Tooling for visual Data Transformation

So Keith Babo, who created the JBoss SwitchYard project, is now leading a team that works on data mapping. This effort is partly Apache Camel as they leverage the Camel Dozer component, and a slick UI that is part of the JBoss Tools for Apache Camel (formerly known as Fuse IDE).

Fuse Data Transformation Tooling as part of the JBoss Tools for Apache Camel

The source code is in the github repository at: https://github.com/fusesource/fuseide. Yes we have not yet moved that to another organization so it still says FuseSource.

During their development they release their work as milestones, and they just released milestone 4. The tooling is build regularly and can be installed using the following instructions.

For the busy people like me, its great they record videos from time to time to demonstrate this in action. So do like me, grab a cup of coffee and watch these 5-10 minute short videos.

And if you are interested then there is videos about the various mapping styles currently supported


ugo said...

Great info!

There is a tiny typo on the URL for the "Variable Mapping" video, a "1" is missing at the end, the correct URL is https://vimeo.com/124547881


Claus Ibsen said...

Thanks for reporting. I have fixed the url.

srw said...

At runtime will we be able to choose the map based on runtime data

Unknown said...

Hello Claus,
I'am new to JBoss development. I have trouble in creating new endpoint and adding routes to it. When I created a new project, I was able to create a new endpoint via configuration tab and giving the respective URI. But, it does not appear in the design. Is it a feature in Milestone 4? If so, how could I see the added endpoint in the design and add routes to it?
My question may be simple, but I'am stuck since I'am new to this IDE

Claus Ibsen said...

Hi Dhanya

I suggest to ask questions / for help on the JBoss Fuse forum at:

This is a better place to ask about JBoss Fuse and get help.

You can also find more information about the product and the tooling from the product website at:

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Claus! I solved that issue. But I have few other questions which I will discuss in the community

Bhakar Gara said...

I need a web based graphical data mapper tool. Any suggestion please. Just like this FuseIDE but need a web based