Getting started with JBoss Fuse - Where should I start?

Christina Lin, a Fuse evangelist, has created a great blog series of how to get started with JBoss Fuse.

She has done a great job of creating real life use-cases and detailing how to do this step by step, in both text and slides.

People who are new to JBoss Fuse is encouraged to take a look at this, as IMHO its easier to follow an use-case, than reading through then 100s of pages of reference documentation that is part of the product.

As Apache Camel is a corner stone of JBoss Fuse, then its often also even easier to get started by just learning some basic Camel first without thinking about Fuse / App Servers / OSGi / Karaf / Blueprint / Fabric / and many other concepts that JBoss Fuse brings to the table. Learn some Camel skills, which you can easily run on your computer locally, from within your Java editor. And then only thereafter take the leap and dive into the world of JBoss Fuse.

To get started with Apache Camel I point people to read this article written by Jonathan Anstey several years ago (don't worry the information is today 100% up to date, as Camel is table and dont throw you under the bus by frequent changes) which really captures well what Camel is and what it can do. For example the foundation of Camel which James Strachan laid out 8 years ago is still the road we travel today. If you are looking for other explanations what Camel is, then there is a good QA on stackoverflow.

Another great starting point to learn Apache Camel is chapter 1 of the Camel in Action book. And this is not the only Camel book, in fact there is 4 known books published.


Unknown said...

I saw many people facing problems with initial setup & configuration. All these workshops can help after that. Please add / point to such blog post.

Olumuyiwa Folorunso said...

I work with an organization that has purchased licence to use JBoss fuse for commercial purposes. Webservices have been deployed on Jboss Fuse. Recently, I observed that JBoss Fuse just stops receiving connections and would require a restart. Can you assist? I have been restarting JBoss Fuse many times in a day. What am i doing wrong?

Claus Ibsen said...

You should use the Red Hat customer portal to get help/support with the JBoss Fuse product.


free_swinger said...

Dinesh Arora I have been looking for a Fuse like IDE for a long time where I could just drag and drop stuff and show new developers, how an overall flow looks like. Thank you for sharing this information. I had been relying on IntelliJ Camelry plugin for development and auto complete but that does not give this feature of visual representation of flow. Now I can work directly with business users and draw a mock flow right when I am discussing the flow with them.