Apache Camel in space ... erh in Docker and Kubernetes and fancy fabric8 web console

I have just recorded a 5 minute video that demonstrates running an out of stock example from Apache Camel release, the camel-example-servlet packaged as a docker container and running on a kubernetes platform, such as openshift 3.

camel-servlet-example scaled up to 3 running containers (pods) which is easy with kubernetes and fabric8
In this video I have already deployed the example and then demonstrates how we can use the fabric8 web console to manage our application. And also connect to the running container and see inside, such as the Camel routes visually as shown above.

Then I run a simple bash script from my laptop that sends a HTTP GET to the Camel example and prints the response. The script runs in a endless loop and demonstrates how kubernetes can easily scale up and down multiple Camel containers and load balance across the running containers. And at the end its even self healing when I force killing docker containers.

So I suggest to grab a fresh cup of tea or coffee and sit back and play the 5 minutes video.

The video is hosted on vimeo and can be seen from this link.

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