Camel in Action II - We will be back with an even more awesome book

So its time again - we are back and announcing Camel in Action 2nd edition.

Camel in Action 2nd edition - Nah the Camel is still lazy and sitting down ;)

The first book has done well and its time we get back into the saddle and ride hard to deliver another excellent book.

Jonathan and I are thrilled to be back after 5 years and writing about Apache Camel again. Readers of the 1st edition will get the same level of dedication and hard work we put into the first book. We have taken all the best chapters from the first edition and updated them with all the latest functionality that Apache Camel offers together with all the excellent feedback we have received over the years about the book. We have also not been afraid of dropping content from those chapters which are less attractive today to add in more content.

We are adding 6 new chapters, and are expecting the book to be 1/3 longer - yeah more work for us, but we want to capture all the details of what is possible with Camel today. As for new content you will find chapters that extensively cover how to do microservice style development with Camel. How you can quickly build and run Camel standalone in fat JAR style, or with popular containers such as Spring Boot, DropWizard or with Jetty or CDI containers.

You will also find chapters that takes Camel even further how to scale and cluster Camel so you run many of them. And of course a lot has changed since the 1st book, such as the cloud, docker, and kubernetes, fabric8 and hawtio. And for the reactive movement we will talk about RX Java and vertx. So we will go even further this time and take you through all this exciting new shiny toys you can do with Camel.

Users of JBoss Fuse, or ServiceMix / Karaf will not be forgotten. We are biting the bullet and cover using Camel on OSGi much more in depth than in the 1st edition - back then OSGi was not really that well mature as it is today.

Oh btw we would love to do a chapter on iot, so let us know if you feel the same way. Then we will reach out to our friends from Camel Labs and have them help out as guest author to write about all that. They have done some great blogs to showcase what Camel already can do on embedded devices and micro controllers.

Manning have told us that if you purchase the 2nd edition, you will get the 1st edition for free (an electronic copy, not the hardcover).

And to celebrate this announcement the Camel in Action 2nd edition is MEAP of today, and you can get 50% off if you order today from Manning website using the coupon code: dotd071415au


Unknown said...

Hi Claus,

No idea where you get ALL THESE out of the 24 hours a day :) Kudos!


Souciance said...

Excellent, looking forward to the book!

danj said...

Hi Claus,
Waiting for that book especially on microservices and for all time sake, please , please add the IoT stuff. SInce there wont me 3rd edition in the near future, it's the need of the hour
Thanks for making us better on messaging....

Unknown said...

Hi Claus,

What is the current chapter being written? I was planning to buy the MEAP edition. So could you please give an estimate of when the next chapter will be available and what it would be?

Claus Ibsen said...


You can follow our progress on the writing on the Manning forum.

In this thread we talk about which chapters are being written for next MEAP

The chapters next are chapter 7 and 8.

abbaskywalker said...

Hi Claus, would appreciate if you add some content on iot :) thanks in advance!