Apache Camel 2.16 - Swagger Java and API documentation out of the box

In the upcoming Apache Camel 2.16 release we recently added a pure Java based Swagger module, camel-swagger-java.

This module is replacing the older camel-swagger module that was Scala based. The new module is also using the new swagger 2.0 spec. And least but not least the module integrates out of the box, so end users just need to turn it on, by declaring the context-path to use for servicing the Swagger API documentation. Then Camel is able to auto detect camel-swagger-java on the classpath and tie into the swagger model read and generate the API as swagger 2.0 in json format. All this can be run in any kind of JVM. You do not need to use a servlet container (but you can).

5 minute video demonstrating the new camel-swagger-java module in Action

To demonstrate this I recorded a 5 minute video showing this in action. The example is shipped out of the box in Apache Camel as the camel-example-swagger-cdi.