hawtio v1 still going strong - New release with log plugin working on Karaf 3.x/4.x containers

The hawtio project is about to be 3 years old in next month, where the first commit was done by James on the end of november.

I blogged the first time about hawtio in april 2013, where the project has taken so much form that the Camel plugin was showing its promise, and we had the dashboard plugin that allowed to customize the ui with widgets you wanted.

About a year ago we started version 2 of hawtio that is taking the project more into a native web based frontend project, as opposed to v1 which has some ties to Java.

This blog is not about v2, but about v1 that is still going strong.

Today we released 1.4.56 (yes we love doing frequent releases) and in this release we managed to get the log plugin to work with Apache Karaf 3.x and 4.x containers (the Karaf team refactored a lot in 3.x that breaks stuff). To ensure this keeps working we ported over the log adapter from fabric8 v1 to hawtio v1 so we have the module natively in the hawtio project. This allows us to maintain the log adapter source code easier and ensure it continues to work with what changes the Karaf team may come up with.

In the screenshot below I installed hawtio in a vanilla Apache Karaf 4.0.2 release, and open the web console on localhost:8181/hawtio/ and login with karaf/karaf, and then the log plugin shows the log from Karaf. In the filter you can filter by keywords which gets highlighted in the log as well.

hawtio log plugin works in Karaf 3.x and 4.x containers

Unfortunately due the Karaf changes the log plugin does not work with Karaf 2.x containers.

This release also improves the Camel plugin which know shows endpoint / component documentation where we group the options in tabs. This helps with those endpoints that has a lot of options such as the file / JMS component.

hawtio now shows Camel endpoints properties grouped by tabs
You can find the latest release of hawtio at the website.


Unknown said...

Hi Claus,

Does that mean that in order to work seamlessly between Hawtio and Karaf 4.0 one should use Hawtio 1.4 as you mention in your blog, and not the latest release? Thanks


Claus Ibsen said...

Yes use hawtio 1.x.

hawtio 2.x is for cloud, with the fabric8 / kubernetes / openshift 3 world. The console runs as part of the cloud platform, and is not so much for classic Java app servers where you deploy the web console on the app server.

Porting the java parts to v2 is still in progress. But not so much a priority right now, as you dont need that on a cloud platform.