The fabric8 guys goes to New York for full-day open developer event

In my youth a one-hit-wonder band emerged with the hit Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  And based on their popularly a poor computer game was done in their name.

c64 game of Frankie goes to Hollywood - yes it was a poor game

Now fast  forward 30 years and its no longer Frankie that is going, but some of us from the fabric8 team and we are stopping at the east coast in the big apple city.

And in 30 years the software has become much more awesome, and we can also play video games in our web browsers, where we can shoot angry pods.

Playing angry pods allows you to shoot the running pods. Here I am shooting at a Camel pods that runs the Camel CDI quickstart application.

goes to

the big apple city

Red Hat is hosting a all day event titled Microservices Developer Day on November 4th 2015, on west 39rd street on Manhattan, New York.

You can find the full agenda, location and how to register from the website.

I will be there to give a talk about developing microservices with Apache Camel, ready for the containers platforms with Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift. and of course fabric8.

We are honored to have Tim Hockin from the Google Kubernetes team, to keynote about containers and Kubernetes. So its a great chance to hear from the Borg's how they see them taking over the worl... ehhhhh how awesome Kubernets is ;)

Earlier this year, in June, we hosted a similar event in London, which I previously blogged about. So you can take a look at the blog entry to read more about what kind of event this is. Since the London event we had 4-5 months more to hack on fabric8, so we have more awesome stuff in the toolbox to show and talk about.

And we are talking and demonstrating using the upstream community projects so you will see the bleeding edge from Apache Camel, apiman, and fabric8.

The apiman's will be there (hopefully in red tie, as the apiman logo wears red tie), to let you see how this awesome project can put in API management to your platform in a non invasive fashion.

Kurt and Marc from the apinman project in London presenting

Link to event: https://meeting-reg.com/redhat/new-york_november4/

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