I am presenting Apache Camel in Copenhagen next week

Next week I am going home to Denmark, to present Apache Camel in general and then a 2nd part that is focused around developing micro services with Camel, and running those in Docker containers in a Kubernetes platform. And all of that becomes easier for developers with the help from the tools and services we provide in the fabric8 project.

The event takes place on tuesday 17th november in the afternoon. There is three sessions, where Jakob Bendsen and Christian Damsgaard will talk about APIs and RESTful services with Camel.

The agenda, location, and how to register is all provided by Javagruppen, whom is organizing the event.

You can find the details here.

After all the talks there is pizza and beverages. Hope you have the time to stay, as I loved to hear war stories from the fields, and potentially news about where Camel's are in use. I have also some great stories about where Camel are in use you may not know or realize how a prominent role it plays in so many companies and public sections around the globe

The location was initially in Glostrup, but the event was quickly sold out (its free to attend for Javagruppen members) in less than 12 hours. So Region Hovedstaden was quick to save the day and provide a bigger location.

PS: The event takes place at Region Hovedstaden, Center for It, Medico og Telefoni, where I in the past had worked as a consultant. It's great to be back for a day. Hope to see familiar faces at the event. Region Hovedstaden is a long time Apache Camel user.

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