Using Camel commands to manage a Spring Boot Camel application

So its friday and I though I could do a quick video recoding of a new feature coming in Apache Camel 2.17.

Thanks to community contribution we have the Camel commands ported to work with Spring Boot. That means you can just add camel-spring-boot and hack your Camel routes and whatnot, and included you get the Camel commands.

To use the Camel commands you need to enable the Spring shell, which is just to add a dependency


Then when you run spring-boot then it has shell enabled out of the box. You can then SSH into the JVM of the spring-boot and use its shell to manage it. And in there you now have the camel commands as well.

The video shows all this in action.

And you can try yourself with the camel-example-spring-boot which we ship in the Apache Camel release. All this will be in the Camel 2.17 release which is expected in Q1 2016 (may slip into start of Q2).

The link to the video is here.

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