Mule vs Spring Integration vs Apache Camel compared by Black Duck Open Hub

A few days ago there was a tweet that referred to Black Duck Open HUB where the following three Java integration software was summarized:

  • Mule Community Edition
  • Apache Camel
  • Spring Integration

I do like the quick side by side comparison with the various metrics Open HUB gather from the source code repositories of those three projects.

There are a bunch of other metics that are displayed, one of them displays a graph of the number of unique contributors that made code changes to the project month by month.

In the case of Apache Camel there is year over year growth and we on average about 25 unique contributors each month. That is a healthy sign of that the project is truly a community embraced project, and not in the hands of a a single vendor. As I have said many times in the Camel community - we love contributions.

One stat I would liked to see in open hub, would be if the code repository is available on github, then the number of stars could be listed as well. Todays number are:
  • Mule Community Edition: 260
  • Apache Camel: 681
  • Spring Integration: 402

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