Roadmap for Apache Camel 2.18 and towards Camel 3

The Camel team recently announced that Camel 2.17 would be the last release to support Java 1.7. And that the following release Camel 2.18 will require Java 1.8.

The numbers in the versions aligns very well to make it easy to remember:

  • Camel 2.17 = Java 1.7
  • Camel 2.18 = Java 1.8

So with Java 1.8 being the minimum Java version and that the code is compiled as 1.8 source brings in all the glory of Java 1.8 with aspects from functional programming with lambdas and whatnot.

Apache Camel has a huge community of existing Camel users, and we do not want to throw you guys under the bus, with massive Java 1.8 API changes in Apache Camel 2.18. Instead we see this release as a stepping stone towards more Java 1.8 readiness and the next major release Camel 3.0.

We have put up an open discussion in the Camel community on the developer mailing list, where you can read and participate. We love to hear feedback from the community.

You can read online using nabble where you can also post to the list. Or you can signup using old fashioned mailing list and write emails.

But what if you want to provide feedback elsewhere. Well I am sorry but Apache Software Foundation mandates openness and transparency. The discussions about the Apache Camel project must take place using ASF infrastructure such as the mailing list. However you are welcome to post a short comment on this blog, and I can post your comments on the mailing list on your behalf, if you are not arsed to signup on a mailing list, or register using nabble. However you do yourself a favor of signing up the Camel mailing list as there is a ton of information you can learn from other Camel users.

Just a word about Camel 3.0. The big goal for Camel 3.0 is less technical but more a new website and new documentation. And we would love to see a new project logo as well. The technical parts are sure there too, but its overdue for a modern website with documentation we maintain from the source code so its much easier and faster to keep it up to date. Also all the EIP and Component options is slurped from the source code to ensure the documentation is 100% in sync.


nickman said...

Hey Claus; The OpenTSDB project (http://opentsdb.net/) ran an icon design contest on 99designs. People submit designs and others vote. It's a cool system and I imagine you would get a lot of submissions....

Unknown said...

Hi Claus.

Is there any defined route to submit new logo designs for the Camel project ?

A friend and I designed one for a project relying on Camel, and we would gladly submit it to the camel project.

Depending on the community response, we could mutate it some more in order to reflect ancient and dark prophecies...

Fhtagn Arthur.

Claus Ibsen said...

Hi Arthur

No we do not have any official way. We surely value any help with this.

We could maybe create a JIRA and then people can comment on the JIRA and link to any logos. Then we have it in one place.

Unknown said...

For images a pinterest wall, a deviant art gallery or a twitter feed (#Camel3Logo) may suit more the need.

Anyway if a Jira is opened, I will surely contribute to it !

I could also check about the opening of a Deviant Art gallery or a pinsterest wall if the Camel project consider any of this option.

Seweryn Habdank-Wojewódzki said...

Dear Claus,

Is there any date already estimated when will be released the Camel 2.18?

I am waiting for couple of new features, which I had already saw in the repository :-).

Best regards,