Video presentation — fabric8 Camel microservices for Docker & Kubernetes

I gave a presentation at Riga Dev Day 2016 which was recorded and posted online on youtube today.

Title: fabric8 Camel microservices for Docker & Kubernetes

The slides for the talk is available on slideshare here.

The abstract of the talk is as follows:

The so-called experts are saying microservices and containers will change the way we build, maintain, operate, and integrate applications. This talk is intended for Java developers who wants to hear and see how you can develop Java microservices that runs in containers.

This talk uses Apache Camel as the Java library to build microservice architectured applications. At first we introduce you to Apache Camel and show how you can easily get started with Camel on your computer, and build a microservice application that runs on CDI and Spring-Boot.

The second part of this talk is about running Camel (or any Java project) on Docker and Kubernetes.

We start covering the basic concepts you as a Java developer must understand about Kubernetes. Then we show how to migrate Java projects to build as Docker images and deployable on Kubernetes, with help from fabric8 Maven tooling.

You will also hear about how to make your microservices scalable and distributed by leveraging the facilities that Kubernetes provides for truly distributed services with load balancing and location independence.

You will also see how to manage your container using the Kubernetes CLI and the fabric8 web console.

At the end we have a bit of fun with scaling up and down your Camel application to see how resilient the application is, when we kill containers.

This talk is a 50/50 mix between slides and demo.


patrickschlaepfer said...

Very nice presentation. Why not using your twitter-camel example, instead of the hello world?

Rino said...

Is the code available somewhere ?

Claus Ibsen said...

No but the examples are very basic. You can for example use the following 2 quickstarts from fabric8 as client/server


Evg said...

Good day,

I there a high level outline of added benefits delivered by fabric8 for OpenShift/Kubernetes environments?
Thank you in advance.


Claus Ibsen said...

I suggest to check out the fabric8 website and the blog site for more articles and videos


Evg said...

Done that - still do not seem to get the gist of the tech that I could use to sell the idea.

Claus Ibsen said...

Ask us on IRC chat to get some pointers #fabric8 on freenode

Claus Ibsen said...

I have told the other guys about this and they would like to update the website to make this more clear.

We do have a FAQ but its maybe 1 year old