Giving two talks at the JDK.IO conference in Copenhagen

I am going to the JDK.IO conference next month, to give two presentations. The conference is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, so its a great chance for me to visit my home country. Well it's actually just 1 hour away with public transports from my door.

I am presenting the following two talks, on Tuesday 13th September:
The first talk is spreading the word about the lovely integration library called Apache Camel - readers of my blog may have heard about it before, or know that I have a "little" role in this project.

The second talk is about "the new world of containers" and how Java developers can get onboard developing Java applications (using Spring Boot, WildFly-Swarm, Camel, etc in the examples) in a microservice style that can run on container technology such as docker and kubernetes, all made easier using the fabric8 microservices platform. The abstract of this talk hasn't been updated on the website, but I assume they will publish that in due time.

For my talks I will have some giveaways, such as the lovely EIP playing cards, so that surely alone is worth a ticket ;)

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