I am going to ApacheCon EU 2016 - All day track on Apache Camel

I just booked my hotel and flight tickets for ApacheCon EU 2016 which is hosted in Sevilla Spain. Its a city I have never visited so I am looking forward to the trip. I will fly in on Monday so I have a full day before ApacheCon starts, where I plan to walk the streets and soak in some of the local atmosphere, food, coffee and maybe a beer ;).

ApacheCon EU starts on Wednesday 16h November and ends on Friday 18th. On the day between Thursday there is an entire full day track about Apache Camel.

I have the honor of kick off the track with my talk about Apache Camel - The integration library.

Of the other talks on the day I want to point out Bilgin's talk Cloud Native Camel Design Patterns. Biligin whom is a senior Camel architect/consultant has many years of experience in the field, and based on his knowledge he catalog a book Camel Design Patterns that has the modern patterns about microservices and cloud technologies. I really enjoy his book, which is highly recommended.

As a long term Camel user I am looking forward to attend and see all the other Camel talks to see how other users fare with Camel.

If you have interest in Apache Camel, then I hope you can attend ApacheCon EU. I love the hallway conversations at the conferences and events I attend. 


Torres said...

Please, when go get the beer try to avoid Cruzcampo (it's not even a beer!), go for Alhambra ;-)

Claus Ibsen said...

Thank Torres for the important advice on beer.

When I travel I often try to ask for the local or regional beers, instead of drinking the international brands you can find everywhere.