Installing Kubernetes from Copenhagen Airport in one command (while having a drink)

Yesterday I was on my way to USA to attend and speak at two events in Atlanta and Minneapolis that Red Hat is hosting.

My flight was delayed 3.5 hours and I was given a voucher with the value of 79 DKK which I could only spend in certain shops and restaurants. So I asked myself - Is it to early for a beer because the time was 10:30 am? 

... No never when you are in an Airport.

I worked a bit on my slides and when I was done with that, I though - Could I install Kubernetes using a single command, while I was drinking my 2nd order which was a Whiskey Sour?

So I deleted Kubernetes, fabric8 and what else I had on my laptop and got myself prepared and pressed the video record button. 

After 18 minutes of recording .. I can answer that Yes you can. 

Now I have arrived in Atlanta and have uploaded the full video recording, which you can take a look at. You may want to fast forward after 4-5 minutes where binaries and docker are downloading the internet from dockerhub. Yeah I guess I was pushing the boundaries what a public free to use wifi can be used for in an airport. I would assume they had some rate limiting or something. But nevertheless it works, and you are free to enjoy a beverage. That is a pretty good deal ;)

In case you wonder. The maven command:

   mvn io.fabric8:fabric8-maven-plugin:3.1.62:cluster-start

... can be run in any directory. There is no pom.xml file in the directory where I run the command.

You can find more information in the fabric8 maven documentation. And also if you haven't read James Strachan recent excellent blog about the busy Java developer, then I highly recommend to take a look at that too.

PS: I did make another spelling mistake. Did you spot it? .. It was in the text box in the beginning where I typed Kuberentes instead of Kubernetes.

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