Apache Camel now with 1000+ stars

Apache Camel was created before github existed. The project is hosted at ASF on their infrastructure.

ASF integrated with github 4-5 years ago and all their projects are mirrored to github. For example the first PR at github to Apache Camel is from November 2012.

In those 4 years at github we have seen more involvement from the community. Its much easier for users to provide code changes as github PRs and as such we have merged/closed 1246 as of today. A rough estimate is 95% of those PRs are from outside contributors, and 5% from Camel team itself.

At github projects can be starred by users whom seems to like the project. I personally do star other projects there whom I am using or have been used in the past which has benefited me.

Yesterday at the 9th November 2016 which is going to be a date that the world remembers as the day that Apache Camel reached 1000 stars at github. (* there was also another event on 8th/9th November that many people will remember)

As of now Apache Camel has 1030 stars. Thank you for showing the support for the project. 

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Igor Suhorukov said...

Cool news, my congratulation for Apache Camel team!!!

I think my blog post and conference speech should be interesting for Camel community.
How to to control CNC machine with Apache Camel and "camel-gcode"