Camel Live Reload of XML routes

Its been a while since I last did a Camel video. So today I recorded a video of the upcoming live reload functionality in Camel 2.19.

You can now enable live reload of your Camel XML routes which will trigger a reload on-the-fly whenever you save the XML file from your editor.

This is demonstrated in the short 5 minute video.

You can use the Camel live reload easily when using:

  • Camel standalone with Camel Main class
  • Camel Spring Boot
  • From the camel:run maven plugin

And for other use-cases you can enable this manually be setting a ReloadStrategy on the CamelContext. We provide the FileWatcherReloadStrategy out of the box, which is what is used above as well. However the idea is that end users can provide their own custom strategies as well.

We ship two examples out of the box which you can look at and try for yourself

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