Status of Camel in Action 2nd edition book

Jonathan and I just wanted to give an update on the status of the book, now that we are entering 2017 which will be the year the book is finished. Before summer 2017 we all have the final book in our hands.

Manning have told us the book is doing well, and they have granted us with a special x-mas holiday promotion code.

The discount code is camiach (40% off Camel in Action, Second Edition, all formats, expiration: January 7, 2017)

Yesterday we send out the following letter to our readers of the Camel in Action 2nd edition book.

Dear Reader,

2016 is coming to an end and we are well aware that we need to hurry up and complete the remaining chapters.

Claus has been busy of late with personal "stuff" which has taken away time and energy that he would otherwise have put toward the book. However the "stuff" is clearing up and he has free time to get back in the saddle and into the writing zone. He is on track with the popular microservices chapter that will be ready in the beginning of 2017.

Jonathan is closing in on having chapter 15 ready as well for the beginning of 2017 where a new MEAP update can be expected.

Then there are two more chapters scheduled. Claus will work on a container chapter that covers all the exciting new technologies with containers, Docker, Kubernetes, cloud, and so on.

We are very pleased that Henryk Konsek has agreed to be our guest author on a chapter about Camel and IoT.

We are revising the TOC and have decided to fold chapter 17 and 18 together into a single chapter about Camel, containers, and cloud where clustering is natural. This also means there is one less chapter and the book will be finished sooner.

After all the chapters are complete, we will revise every single chapter with all the feedback from the reviews and from our technical editors. So expect the material to sharpen up, and be much more fluent and pleasant to read when the proof editors have done their magic.

Kind regards,

Jonathan and Claus

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