Complete overview of all Camel components and JARs

You can now see a complete overview of all Camel components, data formats, languages, and miscellaneous components at the Camel github website: https://github.com/apache/camel/tree/master/components#components

Also we now count the total number as well, so at this time of writing there are 218 Camel components.

The tables on that page are all auto generated from the Camel source code which ensures its always up to date.

This information is also available from the camel-catalog, which allows tooling to tap into this information as well. And we will also use this to ensure the new website / documentation is using this to build a up to date TOC as well for all the Camel documentation. 


Unknown said...

Hello Claus, is there an example or documentation about using camel-catalog jars?

Claus Ibsen said...

The camel-maven-plugin uses it for its validate goal. And Camel in Action 2nd edition chapter 19 covers Camel tooling and the camel catalog. and show an example how to build a custom tool that uses the catalog

Unknown said...

:) thank you very much Claus