Camel in Action 2nd edition - First layout done for print book chapters

I just wanted to capture a blog with the news that the Camel in Action 2nd edition book, first 19 chapters and 2 appendixes (the content for the print book) now has passed the 1st layout phase.

I took a screendump of the last page of chapter 19, which has the page count of 822. That means you get 822 pages of extensive details about Apache Camel in a single book.

Last page of chapter 19 with page count 822

At this moment Jonathan and myself are doing our author reviews on every single page of the those 822 pages to ensure code formatting, figures, technical errors, adding minor TIPs about upcoming/very latest Camel change, updating to Camel 2.20.1 release, updating screenshots in high-res resolution etc. All together to make sure you get the latest information in your hands, and that we have done our best all the way. I currently need to review chapter 18, 19 and 1 which is the outstanding, then I have read every single chapter from cover-to-cover for the N'th million time.

There is more content as we have 2 bonus chapters that will follow layout phase as well and made freely available on the book's website when the book is finished.

So we are on track to finish the book before x-mas, just in time for you to ask your significant other to buy you the best present ever to put under the tree ;)

Also we appreciate if you consider following the advice that we put at the end of the last page (see screenshot) on chapter 19.


List of people to thank for help with our book Camel in Action 2nd edition

The Camel in Action 2nd edition book is getting real close soon. Today the first three chapters just returned from the first layout process.

Here is a screenshot of the first page of chapter 1:

In the book we want to say thank you to people whom have helped us on the way in any form of shape, such as by sending us emails with reviews, feedback, or submitted fixes to the source code etc.

We have gathered a provisional list of people to thank.

The following people have been in direct touch with us about reviewing and feedback on the early access material:

  • Antoine Dessaigne
  • Bilgin Ibryam
  • Christian Posta
  • Clement Escoffier
  • Grzegorz Grzybek
  • Jospeh Kampf
  • Kevin Earls
  • Lars Heinemann
  • Luca Burgazzoli
  • Nicola Ferraro

The following people have helped with the book's source code:

  • Aurelien Pupier
  • Babak Vahdat
  • Christoph Deppisch
  • Grzegorz Grzybek
  • Kevin Earls
  • Luca Burgazzoli
  • Morten Erik Banzon
  • Ryota Sato
  • Scott Cranton
  • Willem Jiang

During the development of the book, Manning held 3 official reviews where anonymous readers provided feedback. At this time of writing we, the authors, do NOT have this list of persons. However Manning will insert the names of the reviewers in the final book.

In case you have provided us with help over the last 2,5 years of work on the 2nd edition book, then you are welcome to reach out to us so we can ensure to include your name as well. And we are sorry if we haven't included your name from the beginning, but we only started gathering these names over a year ago.

You are also welcome to contract us if you have helped us, but do not want to have your name included in the final book.

Claus Ibsen and Jonathan Anstey