Camel in Action 2nd edition - To be done by start of January 2018

We just wanted to share the latest status of the Camel in Action 2nd edition book here a few days before Christmas.

We had hoped the book would have been done today. However there has been unexpected holdup due to the indexing of this big book is causing longer time to process than usual. In light of this Manning has pushed the schedule so the book is expected to be done by end of first week in January 2018.

This gives us, the authors, an extra opportunity to review all the pages of the book, yet one more time, which would be our 5th review. It's unusual that a book has as many final reviews as we end up doing with this book. Its all good in the end as it means that higher quality and that we will correct cosmetic details that may otherwise have been missed.

For example we spotted a glitch in figure 17.9, where the dashed box is not 100% horizontal in the bottom as shown in the following before vs after screenshots.

Figure 17.9 - Before with the glitch in the dashed line in the bottom not being 100% horizontal line
Figure 17.9 - After with the dashed lined in the bottom fixed

Manning has told us that they expect the page total in the print book to be around 900. In addition we have two bonus chapters that are available for download of readers, which are 26 and 18 pages long. All together is nearly a double of the number of pages of the first edition which was already a big book.

So hold on a little longer and we will be on a great start of 2018 with a up-to-date modern book covering all aspects of Apache Camel. The book uses the latest Camel release 2.20.1 at this time of writing, and we have some tips, what is coming in Camel 2.21 release, whenever relevant to our readers.

Merry x-mas and happy new-year

Claus Ibsen
Jonathan Anstey