Playing stacking tower with my Camel books

Today I received my author copies of the new Camel in Action 2nd edition book.

There were 3 boxes, with 10x, 10x and 5x pieces. They weigh in total 83 lbs (38 kg), so its heavy stuff.

I had grabbed one book from my latest Boston travel so I have 26 books in total, and one left from the 1st edition.

I then stacked all the books which goes far up and I was more carefully position the last books to not trip down the stack.

To dress up for the photo-shoots I dressed up with my red fedora and t-shirt from Red Hat whom has been supportive off work along the way - thank you big red, without your to pay for my coffee and internet, there wouldn't be a 900 page book on Apache Camel.

And then we played spelling bee.

Lastly we built a Camel wall. And Mr Camel was thrilled to be on top of the wall.

Happy reading.


My Boston travel and finally holding the little Camel book in my hands

I have been on a week long visit in Boston where I have been spreading the good word about Apache Camel. On Monday we had an analyst doing interviews with various thought leaders in various spaces. I was of course there about integration and Apache Camel.

These interviews are still being processed but I am looking forward to see the results later when its ready. It was fun to be interviewed in a professional setup, and I have to say a big thank you to Adrian Bowles from RTInsights whom made this process much relaxed and in a light atmosphere so it felt like a conversation we could have had in a bar --- the only nit pick is that we didn't have the beers.

My trip to Boston happened incidentally at the same time as Jon's and my new book was published and the print books are being distributed. So Red Hat had about 40 books sent to the Boston office and I was able to hold a copy of the book in my hands.

A number of copies of the book was handed out to friends of the Camel, and Christina Lin was the lucky first one to have the book and have it signed as well. She says that she can sell it on e-bay in the future to earn a big chunk of cash.

On Tuesday Red Hat hosted a Boston user group event, where Simon Green was speaking about his real life experience with microservices -- and it covered Apache Camel as well - great talk Simon. It has been a pleasure to learn you better, and thanks for being my Uber-X driver ;)

The next couple of days I visited customers, and also had time to walk the city of Boston.

On Thursday we hosted a Camel event a bit outside Boston where I gave a talk about Agile Integration and a more hands-on talk/demo on developing Camel microservices on containers (Kubernetes).

At the event we handed out the remainder 30+ books and as we had a full booking we ran out of books. Red Hat had taken their names and will order more copies so they can get the book later. After the talk we had some food, beers and drinks and people queued up to have their books signed.

Today its Friday and I am now sitting in the airport and writing this blog. In the after-noon I walked from my hotel to the independent fort which was a 3 mile walk each way, so it was a longer walk. And when I got to the fort it was closed, but it didn't matter as much - it was more the long walk I needed after a week without any running.


Camel in Action 2nd edition book - 50% discount today

Manning is having our new book, Camel in Action 2nd edition, as deal of the day on Friday February 9th 2018 which means you can order the book with 50% discount. This is for both the e-book or the combo with both p-book and e-book.

The coupon code (discount code) to use is: dotd020918au

When you have added the book to the shopping cart, you can on the cart enter the discount code afterwards.

There are also a couple of other books in the deal, which you can see here.


I am doing an Apache Camel tech talk in Boston on February 15th 2018

I am traveling to Boston next week for a series of events. I will be visiting the new Red Hat office in downtown Boston. I am also visiting a couple of Red Hat Fuse customers to discuss their how they are using Apache Camel and hear their feedback as well.

I also hear word from Manning that they have shipped 40 copies of the new book to the Red Hat Boston office. So I am looking forward to see and hold the new book in my hand.

I will arrive in Boston on Saturday 10th and return back on Friday 16th. So if you are around Boston then there may be a chance to meet in the real life, for a talk about Apache Camel, Kubernetes, OpenShift, JBoss Fuse, integration in general, open source, or whatelse. I enjoy coffee, tea and the occasional beer. If so I can be contacted via my email, linkedin, or twitter, etc.

A better chance to meet is the following event:

On thursday 15th 2018 Red Hat is hosting an event where I will give a tech talk on Apache Camel:

Developing Apache Camel microservices on Kubernetes

We would like to invite you to join Claus Ibsen, author of Camel In Action for a special appearance in Waltham, MA. Camel in Action, Second Edition is the most complete Camel book on the market.

Claus will be discussing container based applications and will show how you can build Java cloud-ready applications from zero to deployment on a local running OpenShift. His presentation and demo will cover:
  • How to build a set of JBoss Fuse (Apache Camel) based microservices that uses popular technologies such as Spring Boot and WildFly-Swarm.
  • How to deploy and run these applications, demoing live Java debugging from within the Java editor.
  • Best practices on how to build distributed and fault tolerant microservices with technologies such as Kubernetes Services, Netflix Hystrix, Camel EIP patterns, and Istio.
  • Live demos of him killing containers to test fault tolerance

Drinks and appetizers will be provided. Bring your colleagues! Register now to save your seat.

You can find more details about the event and how to register to reserve a seat. The event is free to attend: https://redhat-events.com/camel

Hope to see you there.

We will also have a number of copies of the new book available as give-aways (maybe we will do a raffle or something).


Camel in Action 2nd edition released

I wanted my first blog of 2018 to be about our book is done and released. And yesterday Manning announced its release.

At this moment its the final PDF version of the e-book that is available for download. Formats for ePub and Kindle are being worked on and is scheduled for release on February 10th. The print book is being printed and should be ready from February 8th. Amazon and other online retailers is expected to have the book on stock in a couple of weeks from now.

Manning is also preparing for a promotion of the book and will have discount codes when it happens. So keep an eye on their website or my blog or my twitter as we'll post details when it happens.

If anybody asks - how do I get started with Apache Camel - then just say. Apache Camel is easy, just read this 957 page book ;)

Enjoy the reading.... And maybe you can find a few of our easter-eggs we put in place.