Camel in Action 2nd edition released

I wanted my first blog of 2018 to be about our book is done and released. And yesterday Manning announced its release.

At this moment its the final PDF version of the e-book that is available for download. Formats for ePub and Kindle are being worked on and is scheduled for release on February 10th. The print book is being printed and should be ready from February 8th. Amazon and other online retailers is expected to have the book on stock in a couple of weeks from now.

Manning is also preparing for a promotion of the book and will have discount codes when it happens. So keep an eye on their website or my blog or my twitter as we'll post details when it happens.

If anybody asks - how do I get started with Apache Camel - then just say. Apache Camel is easy, just read this 957 page book ;)

Enjoy the reading.... And maybe you can find a few of our easter-eggs we put in place.

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Unknown said...

Well done, Claus. It's been a journey well worth the effort.