I am doing an Apache Camel tech talk in Boston on February 15th 2018

I am traveling to Boston next week for a series of events. I will be visiting the new Red Hat office in downtown Boston. I am also visiting a couple of Red Hat Fuse customers to discuss their how they are using Apache Camel and hear their feedback as well.

I also hear word from Manning that they have shipped 40 copies of the new book to the Red Hat Boston office. So I am looking forward to see and hold the new book in my hand.

I will arrive in Boston on Saturday 10th and return back on Friday 16th. So if you are around Boston then there may be a chance to meet in the real life, for a talk about Apache Camel, Kubernetes, OpenShift, JBoss Fuse, integration in general, open source, or whatelse. I enjoy coffee, tea and the occasional beer. If so I can be contacted via my email, linkedin, or twitter, etc.

A better chance to meet is the following event:

On thursday 15th 2018 Red Hat is hosting an event where I will give a tech talk on Apache Camel:

Developing Apache Camel microservices on Kubernetes

We would like to invite you to join Claus Ibsen, author of Camel In Action for a special appearance in Waltham, MA. Camel in Action, Second Edition is the most complete Camel book on the market.

Claus will be discussing container based applications and will show how you can build Java cloud-ready applications from zero to deployment on a local running OpenShift. His presentation and demo will cover:
  • How to build a set of JBoss Fuse (Apache Camel) based microservices that uses popular technologies such as Spring Boot and WildFly-Swarm.
  • How to deploy and run these applications, demoing live Java debugging from within the Java editor.
  • Best practices on how to build distributed and fault tolerant microservices with technologies such as Kubernetes Services, Netflix Hystrix, Camel EIP patterns, and Istio.
  • Live demos of him killing containers to test fault tolerance

Drinks and appetizers will be provided. Bring your colleagues! Register now to save your seat.

You can find more details about the event and how to register to reserve a seat. The event is free to attend: https://redhat-events.com/camel

Hope to see you there.

We will also have a number of copies of the new book available as give-aways (maybe we will do a raffle or something).

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