Playing stacking tower with my Camel books

Today I received my author copies of the new Camel in Action 2nd edition book.

There were 3 boxes, with 10x, 10x and 5x pieces. They weigh in total 83 lbs (38 kg), so its heavy stuff.

I had grabbed one book from my latest Boston travel so I have 26 books in total, and one left from the 1st edition.

I then stacked all the books which goes far up and I was more carefully position the last books to not trip down the stack.

To dress up for the photo-shoots I dressed up with my red fedora and t-shirt from Red Hat whom has been supportive off work along the way - thank you big red, without your to pay for my coffee and internet, there wouldn't be a 900 page book on Apache Camel.

And then we played spelling bee.

Lastly we built a Camel wall. And Mr Camel was thrilled to be on top of the wall.

Happy reading.

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