My first visit to Belarus speaking at the JFuture conference

I just got back from Minsk, Belarus where I gave a workshop and a presentation at the JFuture 2018 conference.

This was my first visit to Belarus, and its always good to see new parts of the world, and help spread the knowledge about our beloved integration software Apache Camel. I am traveling with Mr Camel so at the hotel we read the greeting card from the organisers.

On friday I hosted an Apache Camel microservices workshop with 10 Java developers whom were introduced to Apache Camel and then had fun hacking some Camel microservices code. The material is awesome and much credit to Nicola Ferraro for creating the workshop demo, which we joined presented earlier this year at JBCNConf in Barcelona.

After the workshop I went out for a run in the city, mostly in the lovely parks. The weather was beautify with sun and 15 degrees celcius. The parks are full of tree leaves as the season is autumn.

On Saturday it was conference day, and the venue is the royal theatre in Minsk.

After they keynote we had the 1st set of tracks, and I was honoured to do my performance on the main stage.

I was not the only red hatter, as Justin Lee, traveled all the way from New York to be here, and present about serverless.

For his presentation I got myself a seat in the balcony, which has a very nice view of the stage.

I walked the city on the afternoon, and took some photos. After a couple of hours I found a nice place at the backside of the palace of the republic where I enjoyed a margarita, to celebrate my first visit here.

I stayed at the Willing hotel which is located 20 minute walk from the city center. Its in an area with old factories that are now being put up for new use with startups and hipsters in the neighborhood. So there are many coffee shops and some bars. The big walls of these factories were painted by local and foreign artists.

I enjoyed my time in Minsk, and I would like to say a warm thanks to the organisers for inviting me to come. I wish you the best with the conference and can recommend it to other speakers.