Apache Camel 2.23 released

Yesterday Apache Camel 2.23 was released which most noteworthy new feature is support for Spring Boot 2.1, where we also improved the starter components to include more metadata and more optimized for the improved Spring Boot auto configuration.

This release is mainly a big bug fix release and some other minor new features. One of these features is to allow for basic dynamic queries in the SQL component on the consumer side.

And as usual there are new components added too:

  • AWS IAM - for managing Amazon IAM
  • Corda - to interactive with corda nodes
  • FHIR - to work with the fhir standard (health care)
  • Google Big Query Standard SQL - Google bigdata warehouse analytics
  • Google Calendar Stream - Google calendar in streaming mode
  • Google Sheets - To work with google sheets
  • Google Sheets Stream - To work with google sheets in streaming mode
  • IPFS - Interplanetary File System
  • Kubernetes HPA - To execute Kubernetes HPA operations
  • Kubernetes Job - To execute Kubernetes job operations
  • NSQ - To integrate with the NSQ messaging system
The next release will be Camel 2.24 which potentially are the last 2.x release as we are about to kick-off work on Camel 3.0. More details to follow soon.