Upcoming Webinar - What's new in Apache Camel 3

On March 3rd, at 3pm CET (Central European Timezone) I will co-host, together with Andrea Cosentino, a webinar session for 1 hour, where we cover all the great new features that are in the Apache Camel v3 release.

Andrea and I will cover in more details the high level goals of Apache Camel 3, and focus on the key elements about making Camel smaller, lighter, and faster for the cloud native world. So you will find details about what we have done internally to make this happen.

We also cover and introduce Camel K, Camel Quarkus and Camel Kafka Connector where we have 4 live demos ready for you. And finally we present the roadmap for the upcoming releases.

At the end we have Q&A session where we will assist and answer as many questions you may have.

The webinar is free to attend, but requires registration, as the webinar is run by professional media company.

More details and registration here.

PS: Yes we will cover details up till the latest Camel 3.1 release which is going to be released today ;)

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